What is it?

...a biodegradable alternative solution to rock salt for winter surface treatment, used for confident risk management.

How does it work?

Eco-Thaw comes in a liquid form and can be used as an additive enhancer for more effective traditional application of rock salt. Is increasingly been used on its own as an effective solution for anti-icing preparation for ice or de-icing – removal of compacted snow and ice.

How is it applied?

Being liquid, Eco-Thaw is normally applied with typical spray equipment such as walk-behind applicators, ATV attachments, or stand-alone systems to suit any application, project size or budget.

Where is it used?

Eco-Thaw can be used in any surface and circumstance. Typically roads, steps, walkways and any hard standing areas – not sure? Ask us!

Why use Eco-Thaw?

  • Efficient De-Icing

    For rock salt to match the efficiency of Eco-Thaw, it would take 8 passes with a gritting lorry.

  • Non-Toxic for vegetation, animals and the environment

    Eco-Thaw is a non-toxic natural by-product, making it safe to handle, non-corrosive, biodegradable, and safe for vegetation and animals, unlike rock salt!

  • Time Saving

    Traditional rock salt can take all day to be an effective ice and snow solution. Eco-Thaw takes just 30 minutes, and will even debond compacted ice in a single application.

  • Focussed Application

    Unlike rock salt, Eco-Thaw lands where you put it, and will not scatter all over passing cars and vegetation.

  • One time Application

    Eco-thaw works immediately upon application, not being dependent upon moisture to bring it into a solution like traditional methods. It requires far less frequent application.

Our liiquid alternative to rock salt goes down to -37C degrees

"... It's been used on the Scottish road network and it’s encouraging to see this initial trial deliver positive early results”

Scottish Transport Minister, 2011
Note: This product has no connection with an entirely separate product called EnviroThaw, which recently appeared on Dragons Den and operates more inferior and less effective way.